Personal Project Experience:

New Construction Homes

Below is a partial list of my personal project experience throughout my career:

DC Ranch Clubhouse, Scottsdale, AZ
Exterior Remodel of 35,000 SF clubhouse

Starlight Residence, Paradise Valley, AZ
50,000+ SF single family resort
The most valuable home in Maricopa County

(as determined by County Assessor)

Knight Residence, Paradise Valley, AZ
13,000 SF hillside home

VanDerWerf Residence, Scottsdale, AZ
7,300 SF home at DC Ranch

Freedberg Residence, Phoenix, AZ
9,800 SF home in the Arcadia neighborhood

Porter Remodel, Scottsdale, AZ
9,400 SF.  Complete renovation

Parson’s Remodels, Scottsdale, AZ
Several significant remodels on 5 separate properties

Hulsizer / Just Remodel, Scottsdale, AZ
29,000 SF.  Complete interior renovation

Kaiser Residence, Prescott, AZ
12,000 SF hillsize home

Halle Remodels, Paradise Valley, AZ
25,000 SF.  Several minor and major renovations

Guzman Residence, Del Mar, CA
7,000 SF.  Multiple interior and exterior remodels

Solvita Project, Cherry Hills Village, CO
40,000+ SF single family resort